Lesielle suscripción

The Subscription

Fresh skin care, exactly when you want it. Get your order when it’s right for you, and change it as your skin changes.


Order what you need, change it when you want

Your subscription gives you the flexibility to decide how often you receive your products,
depending on your frequency of use. Create packs for different situations, customize them
at any time and get them delivered on your schedule. 

Use frequency

Day & night

Get your order

Every 35 days


€39.95 per treatment

Your skin

your Schedule

Adapt your
skin care

The weather, the season, your behavior, your environment, even the time of day... It all affects your skin.

you need to

Lesielle makes it easy to change your formula at any time to address new challenges as they arise.

Not sure which actives to pick? We’re here to help.

Give it a try & feel the difference

Free shipping and returns on orders over €29.

30 day trial. If you’re not fully satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund.

Modify or cancel your subscription any time. 

Lesielle S skin care device included with all subscriptions.

How can we help?

It includes 1 Device (lent, while you are subscribed) + 1 and 4 active ingredients. it also include FREE shipping.

NOTE: You will also be able to select 2 bases to create night & day treatments. In this case, the price will remain the same, and you will receive 4 actives in your second shipment. In this case, you are committed to doing the second order as the base was already advanced in the first without a price increase.

Each personalized treatment cost 39,95€ and it includes 1 base  + up to 4 actives.

Yes, you can cancel anytime contact us at least 3 days before the next order.

Only take into account that if you select 2 bases to create a day & night treatment, you are committed to two orders becuase the second base was already sent in the first so you can have a day&night treatment for the same ammount.

Yes, the device is lent for free with your subscription but we need to recover it if you cancel.

Yes, all bases and actives are included, no matter the price they have.

Yes, you can modify your bases and actives before the next shipment.

You will receive a set of bases and actives every 35 days.

Yes, you can pause it once every 3 months.

You will receive a free device with your first order. You can use it for free while you are subscribed. If you cancel, we will give you the instructions to return it.

The subscription is only an option for those using daily skincare that want to save with every order. If you prefer to order manually, you can do it too.

The skincare system for an ever evolving skin, using recognized active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy to create treatment tailored to each day's State of Skin. 

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