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How: introduce it into the active's compartment of your Device to add its benefits to your personalized skincare.


Bases with SPF: Day.

Bases without SPF: Day & Night being the ones with light texture, the most popular during the daytime, and the nourishing ones, the most appreciated at night.

Remember: your personalized skincare is made from 1 base and up to 4 actives.

Our bases are available with 4 different levels of moisturization. They are usually associated with a skin type (oily, combination, normal, dry) to facilitate the first-time selection, but this is only an orientation, and you may use the one that better suits your skin. Increase or decrease the level to adapt it to your changing skin needs.

This base is formulated to match the authentic pH of your skin. That way, it supports the good bacterial flora that protect your skin and keep it healthy.

Fragrances can lead to allergies, irritations and contact dermetitis. That’s why this base contains no added fragrances.

This base is packaged in an airless container which gives it a longer shelf life by greatly reducing the risk of contamination by particles in the air. psum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Detalles del producto

Ficha técnica

Compatibilidad con pieles sensibles
Formula suave pero no especialmente formulada.
Tipo de piel
Gama - Origen Ingredientes
Lab (ingredientes naturales+ investigación)
Otras caracteristicas
No testado en Animales
Seguro para Embarazadas
Sin parabenos
55ml 1.93 fl oz

pH 4.7 for healthier skin

All Lesielle bases are formulated with a pH of 4.7 to match the authentic pH of your skin. This supports the natural microbiome that protects your skin and keeps it healthy.

Not sure which Base to pick? We’re here to help.

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Select up to 4 Actives

Get the exact actives to meet your goals. We use Isolated Formulation™ to create higher concentration actives that stay fresh longer.

Instantly create your cream

Put your base and up to four actives into the Lesielle S skin care device and—at the touch of a button—receive the optimal amount of your personalized cream.

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Get insights and recommendations from our app throughout your skin care journey. Think of it as your personal beauty coach. 

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FAQ. How can we help?

All bases contain 55ml and have a minimum duration of 70 uses.

Of course, the bases and actives can be removed, stored and used again for 12 months.

Yes, bases are premium moisturizers.

We recommend you to use a base from our senstive skin range. These have been specifically design to reduce allergens to the maximum and also include calming active ingredients.

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De lo mejorcito que he probado

Necesitaba una buena crema hidratante para mi rostro, pero no encontraba ninguna ya que no me gustan las cremas que se quedan resbaladizas en la piel durante mucho tiempo y parece que no se absorben nunca. Esta cumple su función: hidrata muchísimo, se absorbe al instante y deja una sensación aterciopelada.

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Compra verificada

Calidad e ingredientes naturales

Me parece una crema fantástica. Sus ingredientes son casi todos naturales y su textura me encanta. No aporta nada de grasa, se absorbe en un momento y deja la piel lisa y bonita. Además, la sientes hidratada y confortable

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Tiene tacto cremoso pero se absorbe bien :)

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