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Retinol 0,3%

11,95 €
Benefits of adding this Active to your system: - Visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines - Skin looks firmer and smoother - Smoothes the skin - Visibly reduces blemishes and evens skin tone - Minimizes the appearance...
Designed with care for every detail, the innovative Lesielle S skin care device allows you to create your perfect cream on the spot. Just insert a base and up to four actives, and—at the touch of a button—receive the...
An exquisite combination of apricot, shea, mimosa, olive, abyssinian, sunflower, jojoba and almond oils together with two forms of vitamin E, this nourishing texture base gives high hydration and elasticity to dry...
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The skincare system for an ever evolving skin, using recognized active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy to create treatment tailored to each day's State of Skin. 

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