INCI: Fibronectin

Was ist Fibronectin?

Fibronectin is a connective tissue, which is actually a glycoprotein; It’s a protein+ carbohydrate molecule. Its primary role in our body is to firm the skin and making the top layer or epithelial layer firm and strong. And the second most important function is it plays an active role in the wound healing process. In other words, as soon as we get hurt, our body starts forming a mesh sort of network and stops the blood flow, as well as a series of reactions, happen which is called homeostasis. Fibronectin precursors or the elements that are starters of fibronectin help body repair wound faster as well as strengthen the epidermal layer. Those precursors are certain growth factors. 


Certain growth factor, for example, transforming growth factor-beta 1 can also be used as a precursor for fibronectin synthesis. It can be considered as a surface protective agent. Since it is directly linked to the integrity of the basal cell membrane or epithelial membrane. It also acts as a moisturizing agent, which can hold moisture for skin and doesn’t let it dry.  Another form of fibronectin is hydrolyzed one, it is used as a humectant- an agent that draws and makes pools of water available for the skin.  Also, it moisturizes the skin. It is used in creams and lotions.

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